Radio Dante is a trilingual radio that triples the fun offering cultural programmes in Italian/English and Spanish/English twice per month via podcasts on Mixcloud. The shows are aimed at Italian, Spanish, and English native speakers and at people who have been studying these languages and want to step up. We encourage you to listen to real news content, real accents, and the natural speed of language. Are you a music lover or film fun? Do you love the sound of Italian and Spanish? Many follow courses, online or face to face, and then they miss the practice, the listening. We offer just that, a chance to listen to real language, real news, real cultural aspects of Italy and Spain. Find your themes and topics and listen to our podcasts here

All the information provided is free for all, and will always be as we wish to give our support to the best value of cooperation within Europeans, enhance language learning, and disseminate unbiased news worldwide. If you wish though, and if you enjoy our programmes, find the site helpful or useful, we encourage you to #buy me a coffee# which will help with costs. Please consider buying us a coffee to help support our work. It also helps us support people helping us develop Radio Dante!


Do you have ideas regarding the type of programme you wish to listen to? Would you like to gain radio broadcasting experience or online podcasting techniques?

Please let us know: or follow us on Radio Dante FB fun page

Also, if you are interested in following courses in Italian and Spanish, please have a look at what La Dante in Cambridge has to offer as we have a partnership with them.