The link between England and the Italian city of Vercelli

In this episode Gilda and Ludovica talked about the connection between England and the Italian city of Vercelli, and about books and music. They read some love poems by Alda Merini, Pablo Neruda, and William Butler Yeats. The show hosts the Italian Professor Gianna Baucero, Master Fabius Constable and the Italian writer Vittorio Schiraldi.

Interviews with Gianna Baucero, Fabius Constable, Vittorio Schiraldi

Presenters: Gilda Notarbartolo, Ludovica Frezza

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What People Are Saying

Chris Lewis

I am studying Italian at beginners level and have been listening to the show/podcast online. The show is a great resource to anyonestarting out in the Italian language and I find content both informative and enjoyable. Keep up the good work and keep the shows coming, I look forward to hearing more in the future. Saluti’

Uzo Ihonor

I was also able to tune in to the new radio station: Radio Dante Cambridge, and that was a wonderful experience – made me nostalgic for all things Italian. Yours is such a rich cultural experience at La Dante…I am looking forward to having more Italian cultural experiences here at La Dante in Cambridge

Nicola Boccaccini

I listened to the programme and I have to say that it is really interesting and makes me desire to come to England. You have more ‘Italian activities’ there than here in Italy, my compliments to all the people that organize all these beautiful things for the Italian community. The radio programme is a mixture of utility, culture and relax with good music.